I’m glad you’re considering improving your communication. There are a number of benefits when you communicate effectively with your team. When you engage employees, you’ll boost their productivity. But besides contributing to increased employee engagement, communication skills can also help foster a more productive and talented workforce in many other ways.

Get a Closer Understanding of Communication Patterns

First, in a company culture focused on connecting with others, managers better understand the talents and skills of their workforce. You can understand other team member’s talents and skills by working more closely. So, if you need help with a task, you’ll know who to rely on. In a company culture focused on connecting with others, managers and workers better understand the talents and skills of their colleagues. Some communication patterns aren’t forthcoming with employee’s talents and skills. Our fast-paced, high-level-thinking may not result in a clear, concise message to others. Mastering the identification of communication patterns empowers you to better understand the skills and talents of their team. Yet, it takes time to decipher communication styles.

Go Old-School

I would suggest communicating by “old-school” methods—face to face conversations. If you can’t meet in person, then use the telephone. You’ve got to spend the time and energy unearthing the true substance of the person’s message. If you quickly research what percentage of communication is nonverbal, you’ll run into the same number again and again: 93%. According to many sources, including the New York Times, only 7% of a speaker’s communication is verbal. So, when sending texts or emails, you may miss valuable information in the a digital message. Emails are an important part of our communication, especially amongst teams. Balance your conversations with some “old-school” techniques along with the necessary digital methods. And if you’re ever in doubt – find (it) out—it meaning further clarification in-person or by phone.

More Benefits of Enhanced Communication – Increased Innovation

When communication is encouraged among workers, innovation and creativity are elevated. A workplace that communicates more effectively establishes a “safe” place for people to think creatively and express their ideas. It helps employees feel more comfortable taking ownership for challenges and projects, and typically results in more creative brainstorming or problem-solving initiatives.

Build a More Strategic Team

One last word – probably the bigger benefits of effective communication is enhanced strategic team building. Understanding communication strengths gives a manager more information about their employees, and often information they would have otherwise overlooked. This powerful insight lets you make more strategic decisions on delegation, employee development, team development, and strategic initiatives to drive business success.

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