Making sure employee’s get their needs met can be tiring and all consuming activity. Every team member is different and so are their needs. If you try to address all team members’ needs, it will exhaust you as a manager. That is why it is important to delegate responsibilities. The best way to keep your team members motivated and engaged is to allocate buddies and peer coaches who can provide them with much needed mutual support during social distancing.

Create Small Teams

Create small teams of two members, with each member playing the role of a buddy or peer coach for other team members. This prevents your employees, especially if they are working remotely, from feeling emotionally and physically isolated. You can also assign a dedicated coach over every small team who can allow the member to talk with them candidly and take anonymous surveys that can be shared with mangers.

Speaking with workers with an open attitude can make all the difference.  If you are honest in your desire to meet the needs of individuals, then they will feel more free to talk.  Modeling with appropriate action can demonstrate your sincerity.

To make sure that your employees are getting their needs met when working from home in times of a shelter-in-place rules during the Covid1-19 virus, read how to effectively manage teams working from home.

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