Ask Yourself Key Questions

A good business strategy is the key to a profitable company.  When wanting to gain more clarity on the viability of your plans and actionable items, one important question arises.  Ask yourself the most basic questions that every business owner should ask themselves, even before they launches their business.

“What problem do my products/services solve?”

If you don’t know the answer to this question, how do you know if your product or service is working?  How are you clear that your business strategies are reflecting the real needs of your clients? A great place to start is to find this information is by asking your customers.  Why they choose to buy from you?  What makes your product better than your competitor? What is your edge—quality, customer service, price?

Understand Pain Points

If you are in the process of building your business, understand the “pain points “of your future customers.  Verify that your product will make these help these customers in a significant way.  If it doesn’t, then refine the product or your specifics of your target market.

Asking these questions will give you valuable information and keep you current on the needs of your customers. It will also help improve your customer relations by reaching out and connecting with them.   With some of your valuable clients, you can ask for testimonials that can generate traffic to your store and website.  Testimonials are effective in boosting attention and building trust when using social media campaigns.  Never miss an opportunity to let people know of your successes.

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