In the previous article, I explained the “what” in achieving goals.  This article explained getting clarification of the main purpose of going after the goal in the first place (see Boosting Your Success Rate with Achieving Goals – Part 2.)  While the “why” in accomplishing goals appears to be asking a similar question, it looks more deeply into the emotional outcomes around the reasons that you want to accomplish this goal or dream.

When understanding the importance outcomes, we can gain clarity regarding the emotions and motivation behind achieving the goal.  This emotional energy can determine your “skin in the game” of completing the goal.  It’s the juice that carries you to the finish line.

Reverse Engineer Achieving Your Goal

Let reverse engineer the process. See yourself checking off the last task involved in the process of getting your goal.  You have reached the end.

Ask yourself these questions.

  • How do you feel?
  • What is it giving you (i.e. status, more money, better health)?
  • Why are these things important to you?
  • What would it feel like if you ignored this goal?
  • What would happen in your life?

When we look at how you might possibly feel at the end of the process, then you could look at the value and energy that was put into getting the goal. Then, ask the big question: Was it worth it?

If the answer is “yes”, then you know that you’ll have ample levels of motivation to get to the goal.

Getting More Data on the Emotional Value of Goals

Let’s talk about an example.  If you want to improve your skills at SEO with the goal of getting more responsibility and pay at your social media position, then you will need to learn how Google analyzes websites to place them in the coveted “first page” position in search results.  Keywords are simply a start to understanding this complex process.  There are numerous factors, such as site speed, size, luring copy, page loading, etc.  And, not to mention, that you may need to broaden your overall knowledge as Google changes its algorithm for SEO from time to time.

Are you willing to spend an additional 2 hours per day boosting your learning on this topic?  If successful, then what do you have to gain? If you see yourself being the high-paid SEO guru at your company, then carrying this image in your mind will certainly propel you through your journey.  You have answered the “Why?” to the time and effort needed to achieve this goal.

Deciding Not to Achieve a Goal

On the other hand, if you ignored this goal, then you can assume that you will stay unnoticed and at the same pay level for some time.  That can work in a situation when you have a newborn at home and will need every ounce of focus to keep everyone in the family on course and free as possible from disruption.  You will need the extra non-work, family time to keep yourself balanced at this time when you can expect sleep-deprived days and the other myriad of anxieties that come with a new baby.

When you dig deeper at the emotional value from the outcome of the goal, then you can gain more clarity before you even begin.  Armed with this input, you can weigh the options of moving forward and putting on hold until you can do further investigation.

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