Achieving goals is a great thing to do.  We wouldn’t get much done if don’t make plans on how to reach our objectives. Getting goals is done through strategic action, much like taking a trip to a place you haven’t traveled before.  You do research, break down the steps to get to your destination, look at resources such as air fare and hotel, and then start planning what activity will happen each day, like a visit to an ancient archeology site.

When setting your sites on a goal, similar steps are planned.  But there is one step that is crucial that you need to do before taking action.  And that is asking yourself some questions.

Ask Key Questions

 The first step to getting a goal accomplished is asking a key question, which is:

“What needs to change in this situation?” and “What will make it right?”

All change starts with being honest with yourself.  The best way to bring up the truth about your state of mind is to ask yourself uncomfortable questions. Tap into your emotion of pain of what may not be fulfilling or what may be irritating to you.  If you’re like most people, then you tend to repress feelings of pain until they can no longer be ignored.

For example, you may need to look deeper within yourself.  Are you stuck? Have you gotten in the way of achieving this type of goal in the past?  What is holding you back?  Consider talking with friends or colleagues about what they see as your challenge and listen when they offer advice.  You can also work with a coach to get at the bottom of things that are holding you back and why they haven’t been solved up until this point.

One thing is certain.  If you don’t figure out how to grow personally and get past  your issues, then it will crop up somewhere along the journey of attaining your objectives.  This will create a stagnant pattern and result in frustration and most times, giving up.

Wherever you are dealing with the challenges of the situation, you have to make a choice whether to change the situation or let things fall apart around you.  If you take no action, then perhaps you are living with an unrealistic thought that “maybe it will go away”, which can happen in rare cases or an unrealistic thought that with luck, it will magically be fixed.

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