Innovation is a key part of growing a business.  When the smaller epiphanies arise, expand them into larger ideas with comprehensive details. Put your mind in a light, creative space and imagine all the sense elements—such as look, smell, sound—even taste involved in bringing your idea to brilliant color. In other words, let yourself dream big. When we cement pictures in our mind, then our intentions are aligned with our goals.

For example, if you are trying to define your target market for a massage service, start with these questions that go beyond the typical segmentation questions?

• What would my perfect client look/sound/think/smell/feel like?
• What problems could I solve for them and what value-added things do I need to do to make them happy when leaving my office?
• Where would perfect client live? What does their house look like? What are their primary interests, hobbies and activities?
• Why would they value my services and want to come back?

In addition to the dreamier parts of defining details, develop strategies that include action steps and contingency plans for bringing the vision to life. Research your answers by following up to see if they are realistic. Is the targeted audience located near your office? Do they have disposable income to spend on your services? Can they be easily reached with a reasonable marketing budget? Another way to get answers is to surveys with friends/family/co-workers to determine whether your idea is plausible. Also, use social media to test your ideas by creating campaigns and getting feedback from your followers.

When we gain clarity, we can be organized in our day-to-day approach in running our companies. It can help us to accomplish our priorities to increase productivity by putting our attention where it needs to be. Clarity can reduce overall stress with the knowledge that we are following a cohesive, clear plan to complete our short and long-term goals.

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