It’s hard to communicate without critcism.  We all want to speak our minds, yet to be honest and to get an unbiased communication with co-workers, especially when there’s an environment of unhealthy competition is difficult.  It’s equally true when the company culture is based on repressing ideas with management.  It also makes work a whole lot less enjoyable and the company’s future is at stake, both with disgruntled employees and that lack of innovation that is inherent in inhibition.

When working with a coach you’ll be able to communicate your thoughts and feelings and freely, as there no negative down-side to authentically expressing your ideas.  You can be vulnerable and honest without criticism and judgment.

My personal goal of coaching is to create partnership with clients.  The ground rules are that we start with honesty, respect and a willingness to be yourself in all moments. When problem solving or brainstorming, no “bad” ideas can be expressed, as these lead a way to better answers.

By setting this stage, innovation emerges and it also boost overall well-being.  I’d like to think that this environment is created and encourage in companies, but I have seen otherwise, especially in start-ups that are fueled by stress and anxiety.  If there were more “woke” leaders who were committed to creating the a level of respect and open listening as part of their culture, then we’d see happier, healthier teams.

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