When I coach a person, I have my own beliefs and opinions about clients and the relationship that we’re building together.  It starts with an unwavering belief in the client’s ability to solve problems, gain clarity, grow personally and take that confidence with them when met with future challenges.

In simpler words, together, I believe you can accomplish anything and nothing will stop you from celebrating your success when you cross the finish line.


  1. It’s all solvable or it’s not, but we will find another solution together.
  2. Risk can always be reduced as well as the fear of failure.
  3. There’s usually a better way, and a coaching partnership will uncover it.
  4. Success is a byproduct of planning and taking action.
  5. Emotions are our teachers and it’s best to pay close attention to your feelings.
  6. Inklings are higher intelligence, so listen to your intuition.
  7. The answer is somewhere, waiting to surface with the right questions.
  8. Self-confidence is a positive outcome of coaching sessions.
  9. Problems are immediate opportunities to learn and to eventually be successful.
  10. You are doing their very best, even when they seem not to be.